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Raw Diet Day 4

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Vegetables and fruits are SO unappealing to me at the moment... but the detox is working! It's day four of this nightmare.. and I'm finally not feeling hungry after EVERY meal. Nighttime is the hardest because dinner was our best meal before because we always cooked together and it was never on the go. I miss that.. I'm ready for this to be over. Maybe 30 days is going to be reduced to fourteen. Still seems like a long time!

Morning weigh in: 125.5 - 1.1 lb weight loss since yesterday.

I've been exercising regularly but doing light work outs. I haven't been able to complete any P90X workout but I'm going to tackle yoga tonight. I'm still waiting to get over that hump of exhaustion. The headaches are gone though which means I'm over the caffeine! I'm going to start drinking organic tea/coffee after this week so I can get a natural source of caffeine without fake sugars/creams etc. 

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